Pharmacy Management by Arogya to Singhe Hospital – Ratnapura
September 3, 2021 0

‘Pharmacy and Stock Management’ is one of the core modules of Arogya. It is a very versatile system which is far from an ordinary Pharmacy Management System. More than recording Pharmacy related transactions, Arogya is an entire Stock Management module of its own. ‘Pharmacy and Stock Management’ is an essential requirement for any Hospital where there is a large inventory to manage.

In that light, this is a worthwhile platform for Singhe Hospital which is a busy Healthcare Institution in Ratnapura. Being the leading Hospital in Ratnapura, utility of this module is of paramount importance in order to manage the Pharmacy in an efficient manner. The module went live at the Hospital on 01st August 2021.

Singhe Hospital expects that the new introduction will enable the staff to act with much diligence and productivity towards its patients.

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