Arogya launches its comprehensive Finance Module
June 5, 2021 0

Arogya Life Systems which is at the forefront when it comes to providing IT solutions to Healthcare Sector in Sri Lanka reached yet another milestone in its portfolio. Arogya is the only company in Sri Lanka which provides a total Smart Hospital Eco System. Added to the product portfolio very recently is the Finance module which is capable of strengthening the offering to any Hospital.

Usually, in a Hospital situation a tremendous amount of work takes place manually when it comes to Financial transactions. We could simply imagine the number of Ledger Entries that need to be summarized and feed into an Accounting System. When it comes to the Finance Module introduced by Arogya Life Systems, it is deeply integrated with other System Workflows. The building block of the Finance System is the categorization of services. Every transaction made against these services are associated with the corresponding Finance Category and Billing Code. This enables us to automate the Ledger Entries for transactions.

When it comes to areas such as Consultation, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Procedures, In-Patient and Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU); Revenue, Cost of Sales, Cash as well as Credit Ledgers are in turn mapped into Ledger Accounts. Further, in terms of Inventory and Creditor Ledgers; when receiving a Goods Received Note (GRN) through Arogya Stock and Pharmacy Module, the entries for above Ledgers are generated. Inventory transfer, return and isolation events are also tracked. Inventory Ledgers can be further divided into types or locations. Credit Notes and Debit Notes are created when adjusting the Payables to the Creditors. Apart from those, in terms of Expenses, Cash, Bank, Payables and Receivables Ledgers the Payment Requests are auto created for the GRN payments. Then Vouchers are created, authorized and paid to settle GRN payments or recurring Monthly Expenses generating relevant Ledger Entries. On top of all that, the Arogya Finance Module could provide a Hierarchical Structure to Ledger Accounts as well. Ledger Accounts can be grouped into a Hierarchy Structure and Trial Balance can be generated at every level. This gives a different perspective into Accounts at different levels.

With all these in place, Arogya Life Systems is assured that the entire portfolio of solutions will be a ground breaker in Healthcare sector of Sri Lanka.

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