Arogya develops a Knowledge Portal
September 5, 2021 0

Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited caters to over Twenty Six Hospitals and Channeling Centers in Sri Lanka with its sophisticated solution. Growing demand from many Hospitals mean that there are many users in each of these places. Arogya is a sophisticated platform which is very user-friendly, easy to learn and attractive. Having said that, the Users change as well as add-on from time to time at any institution. When new Users come on board, there comes the need to train them soon so that they are geared to work using Arogya platform.

Considering the fact that it is practically difficult to train each and every person from time to time using own staff; Arogya has come up with a novel concept to provide hassle-free training to the staff of the institution where they could self-learn. is the link that anyone could log-in using a User Name and Password. Access is allowed to all the Hospitals of Arogya so that their staff could access and learn for themselves as well as have further clarifications on what they have already learnt.

Arogya believes that this is the best move to cater to the ever growing demand for knowledge and training at Hospital end.

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