A Strategic Transformation Towards

Smart Hospital

We help hospitals to create a “wow experience” to patients and bring the administration and staff to higher operational efficiency

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Oct 29

The hospitals are digitalized to enhance their performance in a better way. Still, patients still undergo many difficulties such as long waiting time in queues, ..
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Oct 28

Blue Cross has partnered with Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited and empowered Labs and Procedures giving a seamless experience..
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Sep 30

Singhe Hospitals PLC which is the leading Healthcare institution in Ratnapura joined hands with Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited in order to make their operations ‘Smart’ through various technical solutions offered by Arogya.
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Experience Our Products

  • Lightning
  • Magma
  • Heartbeat
  • Stethoscope
  • Radar

The Smart Hospital Platform

An integrated patient-centric workflow management platform to help hospitals to transform smart with greater operational efficiency and clinical

The Hospital API Layer

A powerful hospital API layer with FHIR interoperability to utilize the hospital’s untouched data in business effective and multiplex manner.

The Patient Mobile Web App

A patient touch point progressive web app for hospitals to enhance and increase digital interactions with their patient base.

The Doctor Mobile App

An app that really works for a doctor to digitally involve with patients, to manage the timing and to keep medical records doctor’s own way

The Business & Medical Intelligence

AI that finds answers in a hospital context what impacts the revenue and, in a medical context to improve the patient health

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Blue Cross Medical Centre – Rajagiriya gets on board with Arogya Life Systems
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Smart Healthcare Solution, Improved Quality of Care
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