Mobile Sample Collection at Hemas Hospitals
December 28, 2020 0

Arogya Life Systems is partnered with Hemas Hospitals for almost Three years providing various Technological solutions. Hemas Hospitals is the First hospitals chain that Arogya provided the Channeling solution. Ever since, Arogya has grown in leaps and bounds in the Smart Hospital Eco-System.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all corners of the country and has troubled all the industries in progress. Healthcare sector is of no exception. The main objective of people being staying healthy, they are no longer interested in walking into hospitals like before unless it is really necessary. But; there is a gap in the market since the needs of people will not be eliminated though they cannot go out freely. To fill this gap, Arogya has come up with Mobile Sample Collection facility where people can request Hemas Hospitals’ laboratory service to collect Lab Samples from them while enjoying the comfort of their homes.

The customer needs to send an image of the prescription by logging into After that, once the Pricing is determined; the hospital will send the costing which can be paid via Credit Card or Cash by the customer. Customer has the option of interacting with the hospital during the process through Chat mechanism. The process will end once the hospital sends relevant staff in a vehicle to the doorstep of the customer so that they can assist the patient and collect the Sample as well as transport it safely to the laboratory where Testing would take place and results will be communicated to the patient eventually.

Different hospitals use different mechanisms of their own to serve their customers in this difficult time. But, this solution is simple and safe which is able to give a wonderful experience to customers.

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