Arogya at Moolai Hospital
April 9, 2021 0

Arogya Life Systems took over the Operations of Moolai Hospital as per the invitation of the management. This is the First time that Arogya entered into such a partnership with a Healthcare institution to manage the entire Operation. Being a Jaffna based Business Start-Up, it is a coincidence that Arogya entered to such a venture with another institution in Jaffna District itself. This goes onto show that the Arogya platform is affordable for Healthcare institutions in any part of the country and it is not confined to the big players in the industry. Arogya has assigned a full time team to manage Moolai Hospital. Apart from Operations and Technical Support, Arogya will further assist on Marketing as well.

Institute of Family Medicine (IOFM), a branch of Moolai Hospital located in Jaffna is a recent attempt to provide joint clinical services for the people especially through Channeling and Pharmacy. Arogya took the privilege to support IOFM by handling and managing all the Operations effectively. The system developed for IOFM from the beginning is an added advantage for IOFM itself and the hospital as well.

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