Smart Hospital
October 29, 2020 0

The hospitals are digitalized to enhance their performance in a better way. Still, patients still undergo many difficulties such as long waiting time in queues, poor security of personal and clinical records as well as complicated and complexed process. The best solution for these is the smart hospital concept that facilitates hospital operations in an effective way to provide quality health care services to patients. Time and space play a vital role in hospitals. This concept helps to value the time of the patients and reduce their waiting time. They can even make appointments to consult with doctors by being at their place and can proactively track their appointment whenever they want including information such as the location of the hospital, consulting location, ongoing appointment number etc. Even, they can get the consultancy service from their own premises using Video Consultation facility.

Additionally, patients can get their medication by uploading their prescription without making a physical visit to hospital or pharmacy. Further, this concept helps the patient to carry out their medical tests at their own houses. The Heartbeat Progressive Web App (PWA) ensures seamless access to updated details of each and every patient in a short span of time. The relationship between patients and hospitals will be enhanced with easy access to information and efficient medical services. The ultimate benefit of this concept is for the patients to experience a comfortable and optimum health care services from hospitals. Arogya Life helps leading hospitals to implement this concept and provide necessary assistance to use the Heartbeat Progressive Web App (PWA) in a user-friendly manner.

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