Heartbeat at Western Hospital
April 9, 2021 0

Western Hospital in Rajagiriya is at the forefront when it comes to Healthcare Institutions operating in Colombo. Founded and Chaired by Prof. Rizvi Sheriff, Western carries a great goodwill in terms of superior service and facilities offered. It is specialized in Renal Disease care, Dialysis, kidney Transplants, maternity services, general medicine and more. Recently, the hospital launched Two specialized Care Centers along with re-launching their Website. With that, Arogya also partnered with Western Hospital by providing the Heartbeat App for patient engagement.

Public can log into westernhealth.life and get access to Channeling, Medicine delivery and Mobile Sample collection including covid19 home sample collection. With the impact of COVID-19, Western Hospital had realized that they need to be a step ahead to counter any situation and still could reach their customers without any hassle. Arogya is really happy that we are able to be a part of the growth of Western Hospital.

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