Arogya at Emerging Tech, USA
May 4, 2019 0

Turning dreams into reality calls for a lot of conviction and proactivity. Becoming the champions at Yarl IT hub’s competition seven years ago gave us an impetus to quit our cozy 9-5 jobs and lay the foundation for something big. This inspired us to go back to our roots in Jaffna and convert our strengths in IT industry for the benefit of the community. Today we have a team of 25 highly skilled people who share the great vision of bringing information technology within the easy reach of the common man.

The Arogya team was able to show case it’s achievements to investors in emerging tech, USA. The information technology education and entrepreneurship foundation (ITEE foundation) USA – Diaspora community organized a networking awareness event in the USA. Arima/Vetri’s Arogya life and Designer Crasher proudly presented and shared experience at the emerging tech event held in the USA. We spoke at length on how we first understood the painstaking difficulties which hospital faced and then set out to provide innovative ideas and build smart e health platform to streamline the process of hospital management and inventory control.

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