A Perfect Solution
April 4, 2019 0

Most hospitals suffer from chronic problems of wastage due to overstocking of medicines that expire with no one being able to keep track of it. Very often improper inventory control can also lead to a shortage of essential drugs and surgical equipment with no forewarning.

Arogya’s stock management system software is the perfect solution for modern hospitals. This was successfully installed and tried out at the Moolai Hospital this month and has won accolades from all for its simple approach to solving complex tasks efficiently. We took the initiative by sending four of our team members to join the hospital team to help them complete stock taking and data entry. The system provides a communication link between the pharmacies. This allows the team at Moolai Hospital to manage the stocks of more than 500 drugs across eight sites as one unit. It has also allowed the tracking of stock flow with forecasting abilities. The team’s dedication and pro-activeness well appreciated by the hospital management.

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