Understanding The Customer Pain Points
December 14, 2018 0

Workshop On Arogya.Life Held With Staff From HEMAS Hospitals Operational Teams

The First Arogya Healthcare System workshop was held on 24th, 25th April at Pegasus Reef Hotel with the Hemas Hospitals staff and operational team. We proudly showcased our System and explained the additional value Arogya can offer their service to their patients. It was heartening to see how Hemas Hospital was impressed with Arogya Healthcare System the way it enhances their daily operational workflow. The workshop was a big success and a great achievement for Team Arogya.

3 Minutes, Down to 30 seconds

The first meet up between Arogya Life Systems and Hemas Hospitals Colombo happened six months ago was an incredible opportunity for both parties. Hemas hospital was in a deep hunt for not just an IT Solution Provider but for the ‘the best’ IT Solution Provider who can cater their needs in operational services and patient care experience. The requirements of Hemas were tough and they presented a ‘big challenge’ in front of Software Industry. One of their major expectation was to find a solution from which they can see a significant outstanding performance in their operational activities. Their demand was to reduce the waiting time for an individual patient standing at the front counter to make an appointment, which was currently taking an average of 3 minutes, down to 30 seconds. It seemed like almost impossible to achieve unless with an extraordinary solution!

The ‘Lightning Dashboard’

In November 2017,  Arogya Life Systems presented The ‘Lightning Dashboard’ solution at the steering committee of Hemas Hospitals. It was an unforgettable day in the roadmap of Arogya and included a shining star for our portfolio. Arogya not only won the ‘30 seconds’ challenge but also was able to provide solutions to the critical pain areas faced by the front. It was proved by the wonderful compliments team was received by the General Manager at Hemas Hospitals and the steering committee resulting in the blossom of a great partnership.

Vision for a futuristic smart hospital system

Hemas Hospitals who has emerged as a hospital who provide a very patient-centric healthcare service and constantly strives to give the best patient experience under their vision for a ‘futuristic smart hospital system’. Arogya possesses talented R&D team to introduce international standards to Sri Lanka and high-tech team to bring the best IT solutions to healthcare.

Hemas-Arogya partnership will serve immensely in servicing patient lives and their experience in medical care going forward.

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