The Smart Medihelp Hospitals plan
May 14, 2020 0

Medihelp Hospitals is starting Arogya implementation with Lightning channeling and also agreed over the year to move Arogya medical inventory and pharmacy system and gradually to convert their Medihelp laboratory to Arogya’s lightning smart laboratory workflows aligning both side’s the smart digital road maps.

About Medihelp Hospitals

“Medihelp Hospitals is renowned as one of the leading healthcare providers in Sri Lanka today. In a journey extending over three and a half decades so far, we have expanded our medical-facility network considerably to now include inpatient and outpatient care facilities, laboratories and sample collection centers, pharmacies, and medical imaging units. Medihelp’s distinct healthcare offering is modelled on our patient-focused approach, affordability, accessibility, as well as the comprehensive facilities and high-quality medical expertise on offer. Our presence in several key locations across the island allows us to consistently deliver on our promise of providing quality affordable healthcare for all Sri Lankans.” –


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