The Employee Experience – Saahithyan
November 5, 2018 0

Saahithyan Vigneswaran eagerly shares his work experience with Arogya

After successfully graduating out of the university I started my career in the technology industry. When I got the opportunity of meeting Mr. Jayakrishnan Rajagopalasarma alias JK, I was impressed with the vision and mission of his startup company and I joined the Arogya/Vetri team.

I had experience with .NET and Java so I’ve selected my area as a back-end developer. It was new to me, the technologies used for back-end is Java Spring Framework while I took the challenge and learned well JK offered me with a new challenge i.e. to explore front-end development with React Framework. I was assigned to a starter project to get my hands dirty with the react framework. I got tasks to complete, but I was afraid of web development. I was new to using frameworks as well just not only React. But, after JK very patiently clarified that my fear was the CSS and not the web development. I overcame my anxiety and completed the task successfully. The thrill and excitement I experienced on my first week are still there as I am enjoying it thoroughly with unique challenges thrown at me every week.

Thank you, Vetri and Arogya for the opportunity and trust that you have given me.

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