Santa Dora Hospital joins Arogya
March 10, 2022 0

Santa Dora Hospital in Battaramulla pride themselves as the first ever multi specialty luxury hospital in Sri Lanka providing a unique, personal hospitality in a serene ambience. A well trained professional staff assures the dedicated customer service with respect, dignity and confidentiality at all times. Santa Dora Hospital provides a complete range of the latest diagnostic and curative facilities in every aspect of medicine. It promises to deliver safe, modern and quality medical services to patients in a homely environment with compassion, comfort and care.

Arogya Life Systems provide its Pharmacy, Laboratory & Procedures as well as Channelling components along with Billing & Finance through ‘Standard’ Arogya Module. The year 2022 commenced with Santa Dora joining the ranks of Arogya as the company’s newest client of the new year.

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