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October 22, 2019 0

Lightning Channeling Module

Arogya Lightning module is a smart hospital workflow management system that transforms the hospital internal operations to a digital platform and improves the day to day interaction of the hospital staff.

Lightning consists of smart scheduling of doctors, devices and locations, patient appointment lifecycle management, financial controls, user identity and access controls throughout channeling, laboratory inventory and pharmacy and in-patient workflows.

Lightning – the connected workflows

The Arogya Lightning is engineered for everyone in the organization to see what’s happening within the hospital in real-time.

  • Automated calendar template schedules can take care of creating sessions for doctors, location and devices.
  • A dashboard is designed for the receptionist, where they can see the whole picture of consultant and procedure sessions and the appointments of the day in one screen.
  • The context intelligent search makes it easy to find and locate patients
  • Creating a new appointment is a simple task of dragging and dropüing the patient  session information within the digital screen. At the consultant and procedure room end, queue management is handled by a nurse holding a handheld device to provide real-time interaction to patients attending the appointment.
  • The receptionist can see all ongoing sessions where the patients are moving and where not.
  • The doctor payment team can see how much payments are due to the doctors at a given time.
  • The cashiers can be monitored from a central dashboard;, who has how much money in hand and how the money is flowing inside your organization?.
  • The central and location-wise information dashboards and displays enable patients waiting and movement smoother inside the hospital premises.
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