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We help hospitals to create a “wow experience” to patients and bring the administration and staff to higher operational efficiency

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Nov 20

Arogya considers it a priviledge to provide services to yet another Hospital in this island nation adding one more to Arogya’s strong client base.
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Oct 31

Dr. Dilhan Sampath Jayatilleke is appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited. Prior to this role, he served Arogya in the capacity of Head - Business Development & Marketing.
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Aug 16

Healan Hospital is now equipped with the Premium Cloud Package of Arogya and you will experience the difference if you happen to visit the hospital to fulfill your Medical needs.
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Happy customers

Our Reviews

Dr. Shanika Sharma Alwis
Managing Director - Blue Sky Health Care
We identified that Arogya Life Systems is the solution that we want to go forward from the beginning of the launch of Blue Sky Health Care. Their processes are well organized which assists the staff of a new setup such as ours and we really got the benefits of it. The team is truly supportive in sorting out even the smallest issues. Arogya is the best solution for a hospital that is envisioning to be a game-changer.
Kanchana Mathew
Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Blue Cross
As a Healthcare establishment, Blue Cross Medical Centre is keen to introduce novel solutions that will assist our customers in terms of less hassle and less time consumption. Technology being at the forefront of such measures, we are very happy with the engagement of Arogya Life Systems.
Honorary Medical Superintendent Co-operative Hospital Moolai
It is a great pleasure to share that the Co-operative Hospital Moolai has joined the Arogya team. One of the oldest co-operative hospitals in the country decided to work with the Arogya team because it could provide the right technology. The comprehensive system provides the support to enhance our service delivery for the needed people in the region. It also helped us to expand the services. It is a great support to handle the complex health managerial aspect of the hospital. We are pleased with the service and support. We hope the new journey with Arogya will take the hospital to the next level.
Kasun Thilakaratne
Director – Finance & Operations Sethma Hospitals
"The management of Sethma Hospital decided to join hands with Arogya Life Systems since we believe that Arogay has the right technological mix to cater to our requirement of penetrating our services to a bigger market in Gampaha. We need a comprehensive system like that of Arogya to manage our various functions. We are very happy with the service and improvements that it has brought in."
Chandika Wijesiriwardana
Director - Finance Medihelp Hospitals
We are focused on making sure the customer experience is smooth & seamless within our premises. We have piloted Arogya platform at one of our locations & we are pleased with the results we have seen so far. We look forward to working with Arogya team towards converting all our locations Smart
Navinda Weerasinghe
Managing Director - Singhe Hospitals
Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited is a company that grows with us in our pace. Our prime objective is to ensure that our customers are given the best possible care inside our premises. Arogya platform assists us well in that regard.
Mr. Upul Silva
Head of IT - Singhe Hospitals
We can clearly see the difference inside the hospital after we started working with Arogya over time. Singhe Hospital being a busy hospital, the congestion is relaxed, patients are not panic and staff is also having less stress during busy times.  Singhe Hospital

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  • Lightning
  • Magma
  • Heartbeat
  • Stethoscope
  • Radar

The Smart Hospital Platform

An integrated patient-centric workflow management platform to help hospitals to transform smart with greater operational efficiency and clinical

The Hospital API Layer

A powerful hospital API layer with FHIR interoperability to utilize the hospital’s untouched data in business effective and multiplex manner.

The Patient Mobile Web App

A patient touch point progressive web app for hospitals to enhance and increase digital interactions with their patient base.

The Doctor Mobile App

An app that really works for a doctor to digitally involve with patients, to manage the timing and to keep medical records doctor’s own way

The Business & Medical Intelligence

AI that finds answers in a hospital context what impacts the revenue and, in a medical context to improve the patient health

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