Arogya partnered with below hospitals during year 2021 to provide the best Technological solution in the country for them in order to streamline their internal processes seamlessly.

Blue Cross Hospital – Rajagiriya

Blue Cross Medical Centre has been serving the community’s health care needs since its establishment in 1997. Established as a Primary Care facility, Blue Cross Medical Centre over the years have expanded the services offered to the public keeping abreast with the new technological advances in medical diagnostics and treatment technologies in achieving ‘Information Driven Wellness Management’. Blue Cross Medical Centre has a reputation for continuously investing in its infrastructure to offer patients the very latest & best in medical care.

Arogya Life Systems manage its Out Patient Department (OPD) as well as Laboratory and Procedures.

Hemas Hospital – Intermediate Care Center

Hemas Hospitals introduced a novel concept of Intermediate Care Centers with Luxury accommodation in serene locations providing the ideal setting for COVID patients to recover and relax. These Centers are serviced by knowledgeable and experienced teams in delivering personalized services and medical care.

Arogya is providing the Operating System for these Centers.

Hemas Hospital – Thalawathugoda

Complete with sophisticated technology and internationally accredited facilities, Hemas Hospital Thalawathugoda provides comprehensive and diligent preventive and curative care. The hospital maintains international standards at all levels of services. As such, Hemas Hospital Thalawathugoda received accreditation from the ‘Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International’ (ACHSI). Its wiide range of services include Medical Tourism services and Organ Transplant surgery as well as medical care for a wide range of specialties.

Full Channelling module of Arogya is operational at this premises.

Hemas Hospital – Wattala

As the flagship hospital of the Hemas Hospitals chain, it provides international standard care from one of the most accessible locations within Colombo city limits. Its preventive and curative medical services are extensive, and specialized in providing high end surgical care as well as tertiary care. Hemas Hospital Wattala secured the services of a highly trained and knowledgeable team of healthcare professionals to provide efficient and compassionate care. It is able to provide an international standard service by adhering to the best global practices assured by being certified with the prestigious ‘Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International’ (ACHSI) accreditation thrice. Having secured numerous international and local accreditations and awards, we are well-equipped to assure you of the highest safety standards.

Full Channelling module of Arogya is operational at this premises as well.

Institute of Family Medicine – Jaffna

Institute of Family Medicine known as IOFM, is a non-profit making private health care organization which is registered under the Private Health Service Regulatory Council in Sri Lanka. On 16th of April 2005, the International Conference on “Evolution of Family Medicine in Sri Lanka” was held in the University of Jaffna. This event marked the day of inauguration of Institute of Family Medicine at number 125 in Main Street – Jaffna.

Arogya manages its Channelling and Stock Management modules.

Medihelp Hospitals

Medihelp Hospitals is renowned as one of the leading healthcare providers in Sri Lanka today. In a journey extending over three and a half decades so far, Medihelp has expanded its medical-facility network considerably to now include inpatient and outpatient care facilities, laboratories and sample collection centers, pharmacies, and medical imaging units. Medihelp’s distinct healthcare offering is modelled on the patient-focused approach, affordability, accessibility, as well as the comprehensive facilities and high-quality medical expertise on offer. The presence in several key locations across the island allows Medihelp to consistently deliver on the promise of providing quality affordable healthcare for all Sri Lankans.

Full Channelling module of Arogya as well as the Laboratory system is operational in Horana (02 locations – Old & New), Beruwala, Bulathsinhala, Homagama, Ingiriya, Kalutara, Moratuwa, Mathugama and Piliyandala Medihelp locations.

Moolai Co-operative Hospital – Moolai

The founding of Moolai Co-operative created a Co-operative history in the sphere of health services in Sri Lanka. Co-operative ventures have been looked upon favorably within the Sri Lankan Tamil community not only in our homeland, but was also successfully applied in Malaya. The principle of using a co-operative venture for the eradication of illness was a unique and new idea at the time. Way back in 1935, driven by a sense of philanthropy and charitable motivation, combined with a lack of medical facilities, a handful of members in Moolai opened a Co-operative Dispensary to provide medical facilities at minimum or no cost to those who were in need. Dr. Kanagarayar who returned from Malaya is credited with being the founding father. This institution was registered under the Co-operative Ordinance on 4th April 1936 (registration No. J/82), and because of its phenomenal success as a charitable service, it was subsequently registered as a charity in Sri Lanka in 1953.

Arogya Life Systems is operating the In Patient Management in the hospital.

Mount Lotus Hospital – Mount Lavinia

Mount Lotus Hospital is a specialized Eye and ENT hospital which is dedicated to providing a world-class range of Eye and ENT medical solutions to the local and international patients. The hospital is fully equipped with modern medical technologies and highly-acclaimed, skilled medical professionals to provide medical and surgical solutions for any kind of Eye and ENT impairment.

Highly-qualified, well-trained specialists have years of experience and are backed by a professional, friendly team who are well-versed in taking good care of patients. By using state-of-the-art equipment, they are able to carry out a wide range of Eye and ENT services that will provide the best.

Channelling Full Module, Procedures and Patient Admission are operated by Arogya Life Systems.

Santa Dora Hospital – Battaramulla

Santa Dora, the first ever multi specialty luxury hospital in Sri Lanka provides a unique, personal hospitality in a serene ambience. A well trained professional staff assures the dedicated customer service with respect, dignity and confidentiality at all times. Being a BOI project in collaboration with United Kingdom, Santa Dora gives a new dimension to the tertiary care hospital system in Sri Lanka with all the medical and surgical disciplines.

Santa Dora Hospital provides a complete range of the latest diagnostic and curative facilities in every aspect of medicine. It promises to deliver safe, modern and quality medical services to patients in a homely environment with compassion, comfort and care.

Arogya Life Systems provide its Pharmacy, Laboratory & Procedures as well as Channelling components.

Sethma Hospital – Gampaha

Sethma Hospitals Private Limited was established in 2006 as a multi-specialty hospital with all preliminary healthcare investigation and service facilities in Gampaha. Sethma Hospital is a ISO 9001:2015 certified hospital approved by PHSRC (Private Health Services Regulatory Council) attached to Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. Sethma Hospital was awarded by Ceylon Chamber Of Commerce as the “Best Service Entrepreneur in Western Province” in 2017 & 2018 consecutively. Sethma Hospital has got the highest market share in Gampaha District with modern hospital structure on par with international standards.

Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited provides the hospitals with its Full Channelling module.

Singhe Hospital – Ratnapura

Singhe Hospitals PLC is a Public Quoted, BOI approved Private Hospital located in Ratnapura. The Hospital consists of services such as Channeling, Emergency services, Laboratory, Radiology (CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound), Pharmacy, In-Ward services from Economy to VIP Suites, Surgical services with top of the range Modular Operating Theaters, ICU, In House Cafe and has ample parking space as well. Singhe Hospital is also one of the leading Laboratory Service providers in the country, with many Laboratories and Sample Collection Centers located island wide.

Arogya Life Systems Lanka Private Limited is providing Singhe Hospital with its Channelling Full Module, Pharmacy and In Patient modules.

Western Hospital – Rajagiriya

Western Hospital (Western Infirmary) is an ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified hospital with over 30 years of experience in Sri Lanka. Renowned for having the longest standing Kidney Transplantation and Hemodialysis Programme in Sri Lanka, Western Hospital is dedicated with humane approach to patients with excellent, reliable and high quality kidney care.

The Hospital has also diversified into Multi Speciality health care services including OPD, Mobile Services, Channeled Consultations, Pharmacy Services, Inward Services (IPD), Emergency Care, ICUs, Laboratory Tests, Imaging Services, Clinical Diagnostic Tests and more.

Arogya Life Systems have empowered Western Hospital with its Heartbeat Mobile Web App for patient interaction.

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