Heartbeat – The Patient Mobile Web App

Many hospitals have their own mobile apps developed but not really living to the Hospital’s expectations. Heartbeat could well be the one stop app fulfilling all the needs of the patients in respect of the hospital they are associated with, including giving the digital experience inside hospitals and being able to access more hospital services easily from outside. Heartbeat is the first ever app designed with PWA (progressive web app) technology in Sri Lankan healthcare industry for patients.

Hospitals use the Heartbeat branded app as a unique selling point for their patient base and creating a differentiation in the ever-competing market.

With Heartbeat Mobile Web App, a hospital can provide their patient base facilities to:-

  • Book Consultation appointments with real time ongoing number, navigation, video channeling and more value-added features
  • Manage lab-examination, follow report status from anywhere.
  • Connect with pharmacy and manage medication.
  • Order medication, lab test and pay from home and track home delivery and home care needs.