Heartbeat Home Care Platform

Everything a hospital needs

Arogya Life Systems is at the forefront when it comes to developing Smart Hospital solutions in Sri Lanka. Arogya is in business with the intention of converting Digital behavior to Smart at hospitals. One such step forward particularly to counter the present pandemic situation where people are safe at home and still the needs remain the same is Heartbeat Homecare Pro. It is a Progressive Web App or rather a Mobile App which need not be downloaded. It is simply a URL of a Website. The product has below options;
• Video Call with Doctor
• Online Order of Medicine
• Online Lab Tests with Mobile Sample Collection

The product intends to be an assistant to hospitals / channeling centers in allowing easy access to their routine customers as well as emergency customers. Arogya is ready to provide the Web App branded in the name of the healthcare institution so that it will be an easy identification for public. Since it is not required to be downloaded, people need not have to worry about space issues in the phone as well as any technical glitches. This is just a matter of clicking on the Web URL which is the App.

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Once the customer accesses the Web URL, it opens an automated Chat where you can easily send your requirement by simply having only to click the options. When it comes to ordering Medicine Online or requesting Lab Tests, it is just a matter of uploading the Prescription as an image to the App. Payments could be done by cash or using a secured Payment Gateway provided by the healthcare institution or by Arogya. At the hospital end, there is a Central Dashboard in order to manage all the orders coming through. Customers have the option of chatting with the hospital in the entire process via the App. At various stages of the process, the hospital will also communicate with the customer through the App. Further, any queries sent by customer in the meantime will also be answered by the hospital. How the solution gets completed by providing the required service to the customers is by sending a Courier to deliver Medicine to the doorstep when it comes to Online Order of Medicine. When it comes to Online Lab Tests with Mobile Sample Collection, the healthcare institution will have to send a vehicle in order to collect the sample and bring for testing. Report can be sent to the customer once testing is completed. There is a separate App developed by Arogya to monitor these movements too. Having all these in place, we are talking about a comprehensive end to end solution which is capable of giving a seamless experience to your customers.

Arogya is not a typical Software Development Company. We integrate with our customers deeply so that we work with them throughout the business process. In doing so, we provide comprehensive training to staff at the setting up stage as well as trainings whenever it is required by the institution. Going a step further from providing the technical solution, we also assist in Marketing by way of designing creatives which could be utilized for Social Media and in conventional Marketing. For the benefit of the hospital or channeling center, Arogya will provide comprehensive automated summary of the total transaction history of the Heartbeat Homecare Pro by way of a report.

Heartbeat Homecare Pro is the next ground breaking Smart Solution in the Healthcare Eco-system.

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