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2. New Customer
3. Heartbeat
4. New People
2. Stethoscope - The Doctor’s Mobile App

An app designed for a busy doctor helping them to interact with patients ‘smartly’ and carry out a host of other activities to improve doctor-patient relationships.

Stethoscope is a central mobile app for Doctors. Doctors can connect to any Arogya deployed hospitals and sync his scheduling, sessions and patient’s details.

A doctor can also monitor and manage appointments from their mobile and get reminders about session and appointment times.


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4. Launching at Medihelp Hospitals
In the section above, we spoke about Stethoscope, the mobile App.  It is certainly a handy tool for Doctors who are devoting time and effort to save lives.  The Doctors at Medihelp Hospitals are now equipped with the Stethoscope to provide a better service to their patients as well as to have more efficiency in their day to day channeling. 


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3. Arogy's Heartbeat at Singhe hospital
Heartbeat is a mobile web application created by Arogya Life for the patients of hospitals in order to contact doctors, book appointments, make video calls from home, order medicines and lab tests and make payments from home.  It is a ground-breaking solution and becoming popular day by day among the general public.

Singhe Hospital which is a premier healthcare provider in Ratnapura has come on board to use Heartbeat which makes it very convenient for the people in Sabaragamuwa Province to access some of the core services offered by Singhe Hospital.
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