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2. New Customer
3. Heartbeat
4. New People
2. New Customers - Medihelp Hospitals 

Medihelp Hospitals is starting Arogya implementation with Lightning channeling and also agreed over the year to move Arogya medical inventory and pharmacy system and gradually to convert their Medihelp laboratory to Arogya’s lightning smart laboratory workflows aligning both side’s the smart digital road maps.

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3. Heartbeat - Introducing medicine ordering with our first customer
We know that ordering and collecting medicine from a pharmacy is not only time consuming but also carries a risk of getting infected from other unsuspecting COVID 19 carriers.
Arogya.life has always been driven with a desire to help and protect people. So we build an on-demand online pharmacy web application to provide convenient and affordable access to prescription drugs, OTC medicines, healthcare products and more online.

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4. Dr. Dilhan S. Jayatilleke Joining As Head – Business Development & Marketing
The best product needs the best marketing at the right time. It is an important milestone for us that Dilhan joining Arogya with his experience in the healthcare industry to take the business with hospitals to next level.

"Why I joined Arogya Life Systems Incorporation is because; it is a superior solution provider.  As the tagline suggests, the company is the one stop solution for ‘Smart Hospital eco-system’..."
Read more about Dr.Dilhan S. Jayatilleke
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